Sunday, November 28, 2010

The National Parks Project

A poster that I created for the National Parks Project's early Sneak Peak in Banff this past week.

In 1911, Parks Canada was founded, becoming the world’s first national parks service. On the eve of its centennial, FilmCAN and Primitive Entertainment, in conjunction with Parks Canada and Discovery Canada, are pleased to present The National Parks Project (NPP), a collaborative film, music, television and new media project that features contributions by more than 50 of Canada’s most acclaimed filmmakers and musicians.

In the tradition of the Group of Seven, Margaret Atwood’s Survival and other cultural touchstones, the National Parks Project aims to explore the elemental ways in which Canada’s cultural imagination is shaped by the wilderness that defines our identity, and the technologies that inform our day-to-day lives. From May to October, 2010, the project will send groups comprised of one filmmaker and three musicians to a park in each province and territory, to collaborate on a short film and soundtrack that reflects their experience of the landscape.

The result will be a collection of 13 films that showcases both the country’s natural diversity and the breadth of its artistic talent, and celebrates thespirit of creative collaboration. The complete collection will be distributed theatrically, through film festivals and special screening events, and will ultimately be available online via an immersive interactive piece. The project will also be featured in a thirteen-part documentary series, airing on Discovery World HD in Spring 2011.

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